Triple layered cake

This is a flash fiction with some graphic content, so read it at your own discretion. Please comment your thoughts.

She entered the morgue just before the sun was about to rise. She just had a meeting with her master who fulfilled all her wishes- wishes that were unheard of, that were unworldly and not normal for a modern woman of twenty first century like her. Today’s ritual was usual nothing out of the ordinary; her master had contacted her for the new task which she was supposed to complete in order to get closer to what she truly desired- the devil himself. Her master had promised her that if she was able to complete all his tasks on the earth then he would bind her soul to his for eternity which will grant her soul immortality. To her this seemed like the best deal of her existence.

Nobody would be able to guess that she led a dual life. One in the day, in which she was a regular woman. Her second life was much more interesting than the first one- it started when the sun hid below the horizon every evening and the world went to sleep. It was during the night that she gained her newly acquired powers and would roam the darkness with other nocturnal creatures to complete the devil’s will- her master. She loved him more than she loved her life; she was devoted to him more than her capability. For her the day life was a pretense- a nuisance which she had to maintain and bear for the naïve world which was still unaware of all the great possibilities their life was capable of exploring.

She changed into scrubs which she had borrowed from the nurses’ locker room, carefully avoiding her wrist area of both her hands. She ripped apart the week-old Band-Aid from her left wrist and applied a new one on the right, the cut was almost healed but you could still see the mark of the sharp knife’s cut along with various old marks present on both her hands in a regular fashion.  These scars were her medallions; she licked them with sheer pride in her eyes.

She was in the hospital’s nursery waiting for her moment to shine for her master, to show him that she was his best investment, to make him proud. The new task was something she was extremely good at, something which made her love the master even more; as if she had a choice, she was already smitten beyond words. It was not her first time doing this, she had done this before but the stakes were higher this time. Previously, it had been her own infant- a baby boy; she had shined like a star that day. Slicing his throat in the comfort of her room at night had been a piece of cake for her; it had been her first true gift for her master.

She, with the newly sharpened blade ready in her scrubs pocket, moved around the nursery to sample her prizes. The options were many, she was thinking of adding a cherry to the cake to please her master even more. A new born albino boy caught her eye, he was still unnamed as the name tag had only the last name but she for her convenience named him Cherry- her albino cherry for her triple layered cake. She giggled at her creative metaphor; now she had to assemble her cake but she needed to be quick about it, anybody could walk in at any moment; this was one of the reasons she hated daylight, the amount of disturbance was insane but the thrill involved was almost worth the risk. She chose one white- her vanilla layer, one brown- her caramel and third dark boy- the chocolate; the cake looked delicious, the master would be ecstatic she thought. Her own mouth watered, saliva pooled in her mouth just by thinking about it.

The hard part was done; choosing the flawless ingredients was the time consuming process. The assembling of the cake in itself will take her hardly five minutes; the only challenge remained now was to time it perfectly as she could feel the master watching her intently. She could do nothing wrong, no mistake will spoil her impeccable record and then only the master will reward her with the highest honour to be bestowed upon any human so far in the history of mankind which she deserved without a doubt.

She looked at the time and went to take a round of the premises to make sure the perimeter was clear; she was in luck today. She came back; her eyes were bright and excited just by thinking about upcoming events.

She cleaned her hands, ripped of the bandage and soon the blood came pouring out of her vein. She collected it in a small cup, now was not the time to be greedy. She looked at her three layers lying along with her Cherry, her face was serene. She took out the new sharp blade and poured the collected blood on it marking the gift as hers. Master smiled at her and she got the signal which she was waiting for; the new sharp blade slid through the cake layers like hot knife over soft butter. She started from the vanilla and saved her Cherry for the last. It was over before she knew it; she offered the cake to her master and smiled contently. She was proud at her work.

Before she could have run, she found herself trapped between the security guards and their weapons. Master nudged her, smiled at her as if welcoming her to him.

Now is the time, he said.

She laughed hysterically, her time has come; all her efforts will now get rewarded and before the guards could have done anything she whispered,

See you in hell, slaves

With that she sliced her own throat with her new sharp blade; a proud smile sat on her beautiful face.

Next day the local newspapers’ headlines read- Four infants killed by an escaped schizophrenic psychopath.

10 thoughts on “Triple layered cake”

  1. This was something else actually, gave me chills. I would be thinking of this whenever i walk into nursery again anytime soon🙂. Not a best case scenario if you work in a hospital.
    Love how you describe certain things!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I am so sorry! I have written a warning about ‘readers discretion’ in the excerpt for the same reason, so sorry that you missed it. Hope you have a nice day.


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