Fire III

We had moved from the bar setting to a fancy room about which she had said not to worry. She had given me details about the whole scenario, her side of the story essentially. I was still a little apprehensive about trusting her words as they sounded so bizarre.

 “…Wait, let me get this straight … So what you are saying is that you are ‘Fire, princess of Takatoro’ and I, Reo, am your soul-mate but you were betrothed, in your childhood, to ‘Yami, the prince of Xutong’…?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“… and you met me in this same bar, exactly like you did today. We spent the whole night talking to each other, falling in love and I proposed to you, just before dawn and gave you my grandmother’s ring.”


“Hmm… so you met me when I was eighteen years old, as I am twenty-eight now?”

“No! I met you TODAY, ten years back when you were still twenty-eight. It was the same exact date, with the same year.”

“That doesn’t makes sense, do the Maths…it doesn’t add up. How can I be twenty-eight years old even ten years ago?”

“That is due to Mugen Sākuru Noroi. We both are stuck in it due to the curse lain on me by Yami. I wasn’t aware of it at the beginning and came to know about it after some years when I found this Katana and since then I am waiting for this day so that I could meet you.

“What does this curse thing do actually?”

“It has thrown us into a loop of ten years so that we can’t be with each other. We meet each other in this bar, spend the night together and as soon as the morning comes, the timer resets itself throwing us both ten years earlier into the time frame.”

“I see…but according to this story, you should not be able to remember me, like I don’t remember you. This encounter should be fresh for you as well, as it is for me. How do you remember me if the timer does resets itself?

“Because of this”, she picked up the Katana and kept it in front of me, “because of this sword I was able to watch this loop from a third focal point as an outside entity. Look at it closely, it has markings on its handle in the shape of two hands; one fits in mine and another, I am guessing, would fit in yours.”

I picked up the Katana in both of my hands and examined it carefully; it was red in colour with a dragon breathing fire drawn all over it. The handle had the faint markings of handprints as she had said; at the base of the handle was a symbol of Yin and Yang engraved on it. The sword was a beautiful specimen and looked more like an expensive antique piece of jewellery than a weapon but certainly, I was not going to check its efficiency as a weapon now.

“You should place your hand on the lower marking then you will definitely believe every word I am saying.”

I gently placed my hand on the marking and waited for few seconds… nothing.

I gripped the handle tighter in anticipation and suddenly the dragon on the cover glowed red, its eyes were firey as he looked directly in my eyes. I wanted to turn my eyes but couldn’t and then I saw a big mouthful of fire coming towards my face. All I could do was stare.

Everything went red, at first… then it turned into black, pitch black. I drifted into unconsciousness and all I saw was fire with her beautiful face.

Next Part

This is the third part of the Fire. Sorry for posting late, I was feeling a little under the weather lately so things got delayed. But I hope you like the continuation, don’t forget to share your opinions.


17 thoughts on “Fire III”

    1. Thank you, Joni! I am so sorry for replying late, I haven’t been able to check on this front due to my health issues.
      I am glad that you liked it, I will complete the story soon.
      Cheers 🙂

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      1. I am so sorry you have been ill. I will say a prayer for healing Bulbul. I have wondered why I haven’t seen more post. Please don’t worry about anything but taking care of yourself. Love you sweet Bulbul. Joni

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