Catching Up

Hi friends! I am happy to share that I am back now, completely healthy. I hope you all are also doing well physically, mentally and emotionally especially in the COVID-19 outbreak. Today, was the second day since I stopped taking medications (read sedative) and I must say that I am feeling much better without the need to constantly sleep.

I am really grateful and thankful to all of you who showered me with the much needed blessings, motivation and inspiration. It was really very kind and generous support which I appreciate with all my heart. Thank you!I haven’t been able to read your valuable posts but I promise to get back to it ASAP!

I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous belated Holi (It is a Hindu festival of colors; its like Tomatina of Spain but instead of Tomatoes we use powdered/wet colors). I hope you had fun and were safe.

I plan to start writing soon, in small doses, just waiting to get my mojo back.

Cheers and Keep Hustling

PS: In case I have missed some of your comments or haven’t replied, I tried not to, but if I have I am really sorry for that. I have sort of lost track of that in the haze.

Have an enjoyable weekend!

35 thoughts on “Catching Up”

      1. I am so happy to hear it Bulbul. What a blessing you are back and well. Thanks be to God. You stay safe and healthy as well my sweet friend. Since you were just under the weather please be extra careful. Love you bunches, Joni

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    1. Thanks Peter. I am happy to be back.
      I was wondering if your website is fixed now, there were some technical glitches last week. I hope that you didn’t face any loss with the content. So sorry that I couldn’t get in touch earlier.
      Cheers and blessings


      1. It should be working fine, there was just a delay in some of nameservers moving across which is apparently normal. I’m not getting much traffic from wordpress readers anymore on any of my posts which makes me think that there are some broken links floating around still, but the site should now load for you. 🙂

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        1. That’s good to know.
          I am not able to see your posts (after 26th Feb) in my reader now, I guess I need to subscribe through e mail. (Maybe that’s why the lack of traffic from WordPress.)
          I will do that ASAP 👍. Happy that you made the jump.


                1. The address is working fine for me, it just doesn’t show in the my reader. (I got the email for your new post “The last living Tree in Earth” but it doesn’t show in my reader.) Maybe it will get better with some time.


  1. This looks like writing to me! You are such a great communicator. I’m so sorry I missed your earlier post till now, but so glad you are feeling well again. 💗Sending hugs, and happy Holi. 😊

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