Benefits Of Improving Your English

Now, if you are someone who has a good command over the English language or someone who wants to have a good command over it then you already know the role good English skills play in your life and you will agree with whatever I’ve to say. But if you are someone who thinks that it is useless to improve your English and it really doesn’t benefit you that much, then think again and read this article, completely, before you make up your mind.

This article isn’t about proving the greatness of one language over the other but only about acknowledging the current scenario and using that to our benefit to lead a better life. All languages are very important and beautiful in their own way and adds a lot to our cultural diversity and heritage.

As we are moving forward with time, the world around is getting smaller and smaller. The distance is shrinking and the markets are expanding like never before and amidst all this, the emerging common language which has made all of this possible is English. Below are the few advantages which good English skills provide us.

Professional Domain

Better prospects of getting hired. If you are looking to get a job then having a good command over English language gives you an edge over those who lack it. All the companies and businesses are striving to be global and increase their reach to bigger markets and therefore, they want people who will be able to deal with a global audience.

Better prospects of promotion and wage rises. If you have a job but want to reach at the top where you are no longer a part of the crowd but someone who leads it then you need English as you ally, otherwise the journey to success might be long, tiring and a slow one. People with good communication skills have better chances to grab that promotion as they perform better when it comes to presentations and getting their ideas heard.

Boosting your business. If you have a start up/dream project/business and you want it to soar high in the market then you need to increase your reach. Sticking to your mother tongue will only take you so far, if you want your client base to expand then you need a language which your clients understand. That’s where your English skills come in.

Confidence & personality. Having fluent English not only fills you up with confidence which in itself is a game changer, it also polishes your entire personality which attracts more clients, naturally, as it gives you a touch of professionalism and productiveness.

Personal Domain

Better living standards. Having a good grip on your language provides you with better job opportunities and higher income which automatically leads to better life for you and your family.

Travel & Immigration benefits. If you love going to new places and exploring the diversity that our earth provides then you probably would want to learn a language which helps you in your adventures. English, definitely, will help you to get by and survive in more countries than you can count on your fingers.

Entertainment & Knowledge. Now, if you like to watch movies/TV shows or reading books/novels/research papers or just surf the internet for a quick solution to your problem then, believe me, there are more options and diverse collections for any of your choices in the English language than any other.

Benefits your children. You, probably, must be thinking that sending your kids to an English-medium school is enough for them to learn the current lingo but that might be where you can be wrong. They spend only about 6-7 hrs of the day at school, most of what they learn and practice comes from home i.e. from you! So think again, if you are giving them what you want them to learn.

Focused Mind & Confidence. Various studies have proved that learning a new language makes your brain more focused and sharp. Apart from improving your neurons’ connection, having a better understanding gives you confidence which boosts your productivity in all spheres of your life.

There’s never a right time to do anything, you just have to make up your mind and take the leap.

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23 thoughts on “Benefits Of Improving Your English”

  1. Well said, it’s not about the superiority of one language over another. There is no harm in learning and using English, but I don’t like the Indian mentality of feeling shame in speaking or using Hindi or their mother tongue. I see many people & celebrities when asked questions in Hindi, they reply in English as if no one else knows English except them.

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  2. I very much admire those who have mastered multiple languages! Although I studied French and Spanish in school, like many Americans, I am only fluent in English. Being multilingual is, as you say, a valuable and marketable skill. All the best! Cheryl

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    1. Me too, Cheryl! I love learning different languages and we get so much insight into the new culture through the language. I am fluent in English and Hindi but have learned to understand and speak a few others.
      Thank you so much, Cheryl, for all your support. It means a lot! Cheers

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