Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 16

Hello people, I hope you all had a safe Diwali! Wishing you all the very best for the already here, Winter. Keep warm & write!

Last week’s prompt was –Support. If you haven’t had a chance to read the wonderful 20-word stories of previous week, I am listing down the links to those amazing takes, don’t forget to show them some love.

Friends, please never shy away from informing me if I miss someone.

Now, turbo-charge your writing with November’s Resources!

This week’s prompt is Craft suggested by HappySoul. I expect you guys to have fun with it. Below is my take on the prompt in 20-words, I hope you’ll like it. Now, hop on the wagon and tell me a tale!


Once, his expert shoe-making skill had been his reputation; career; pride; and even identity. Now, it was only his survival.

To make TWT more exciting, drop a random word (in comments) for the next week’s prompt, I’ll pick the one which suits my moodSurprise me!

Come, join in! All you need to do is:

  • Write an exactly 20-word story (excluding the title) using the prompt (the prompt word may/may not be present in the story).
  • Ping-back your story to this post, so that everyone (including myself) can read your version.
  • Use the banner given below and the tag- TWT on your post, to help locate the story in WP reader.
Twenty Words Tuesday

Remember to write before the next prompt which drops in next Tuesday!

Don’t worry! Even if you are late in discovering us, ping-back to this post and I would love to read your tale.

Until next time, Cheers 

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