C-Candy (26 X 26)

continued from B-Bells (26 X 26)

“I would if I knew what that means. But wait! Did I hear you say ‘Bells’ somewhere?”

“Are you doing this on purpose to piss me off? Why aren’t you paying attention to what I am saying?”

“I am…wait, no, I mean…I am paying attention and not deliberately trying to piss you off. It is just that you sometimes pour huge chunk information on me and I lose track. But I am right, aren’t I? You said ‘Bells’ and I can’t remember the context.”

“You are annoying even when you are dying! I said I can’t leave you until you are dead and I hand you over safely to Bells. And before you even ask me, she is also an angel in the afterlife department.”

“Oh! So coming back to your problem, how do I decide? Why do I have to decide? Isn’t it sort of non-optional thing, being dead?”

“No, not every  time, as far as I know. You are stuck in between because you haven’t decided the direction you want to move. Come here, you see that door in the back with red neon lights?”

“Yes, the one that says ‘Rock n Roll’, what about that?”

“Yes, that is where you go if you don’t want to go back to your previous life.”

“And if I want to go back? Where is the door for that?”

“Don’t be silly, there is no door for that. Just go to the street where you were stabbed and wait for the ambulance.”

“Oh! So, until I decide my body would be lying on the road? Wouldn’t that kill me?”

“Aggrh! Are you daft, kid? I just told you that you have to decide if want to be dead, why aren’t you listening? We are in a time freeze and you don’t have much time until the clock starts again. So decide, QUICKLY.”
“How much time do I have before the hell ‘unfreezes’ over? Get it?”

“I can’t believe you! You are still trying to make lame-ass-pathetic jokes. Focus kid, you have only two candies left; when the last candy would be over, you will have to face the consequences.”

“Candy? What candy? You are eating candies…ANGELS CAN EAT CANDIES! Why aren’t you sharing them with me?”

“Oh! God! Dude, you aren’t alive, you can’t eat candies until you decide to live and these aren’t your sugary-shitty-human candies. They are for keeping the time frozen.”

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Hi folks! So, today’s count is 403 words (it is increasing steadily 😁). Hopefully, these two will end their bickering soon enough. Please, bear with all the mistakes (grammatical/typos), if any, I did the best I could. 

Also, don’t forget to check out B-Bells post’s comment section to read different takes on the prompt!

You all are most welcome to join the 26 X 26 Writing Challenge! Remember:

  • You will have to write at least 260 words in 26 minutes (no cheating) and post the write up within 26 hours.
  • Use the word-prompt in the written piece.
  • Don’t edit/change anything in your piece after 26 minutes have passed. Post it as is.
  • Ping-back your post to this post, so that we all will be able to read your piece.
  • Use 26X26 tag to make your post easily accessible in WP reader.
  • Use this post’s featured image in your post.

I will see you tomorrow with a Christmas themed word-prompt starting from alphabet ‘D’, until then keep warm & write.

Come, join me in this challenge and say goodbye to this year on a strong note. Cheers!

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23 thoughts on “C-Candy (26 X 26)”

    1. I will definitely lend you some, once I get mine, the shipping is slow due to the festive season. 🤭😂🤣🤗🙏 (oops, sorry, couldn’t stop myself 😅)
      But on a serious note, won’t we all love that just to straighten that crooked line, to make it perfect. (but what if perfection is a myth?)

      I don’t know, seriously, what is he thinking. I don’t even know if he is thinking. I think I would find at the same time as you all. Thank you so much for your support, Gwen 🤗🙏💙

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