H-Holly (26 X 26)

The Red Love – IIcontinued from G-Gift (26 X 26)

Sir Alan reached the Scottish Highlands, safely and immediately on the next day took permission from young Isabella’s father to court her. Over the summer, Sir Alan and Isabella developed an affectionate bond. He saw her in a completely different light, aside from the talented swords-woman, he had first laid eyes upon and she got to know him as more than a knight.

Her perfect melodious laugh and his gentlemanly ways found a match in each other.

On one evening, in a beautiful glen, Sir Alan got down on one knee and presented the lady with the ring, asking her to marry him in the most charming way which a girl can only dream of. And as it was destined, Bella happily said yes.

They got married in the fall, in the midst of fiery red, bright yellow and the warm orange of the autumn. Sir Alan forgot to breathe when he first saw her, clad in white, she looked like the fresh dew drop on a rose petal on a sunny morning. She looked exquisite but more than that, to Sir Alan, she looked his, not in the owned-property kind of way but like the better part of his being.

He was blissfully content and couldn’t wait to start his life with her, cherishing her for the rest of his life seemed as easy as breathing to him.

Amidst everything, Sir Alan had not forgotten about the gift; no, not at all, instead he was getting impatient. He wanted to present his special, hard-earned gift to the most special person of his life, his wife and wanted to see her reaction. But he waited.

It was almost winter, by the time they returned from their honeymoon. They were extremely happy and in love and now, he couldn’t wait any more. He decided to present the gift to her as a celebratory dinner in honor of the successful beginning of their matrimonial bliss.

The next morning, he sent Isabella to meet her family and got to work. He drank the infusion before starting to prepare the meal, as instructed by the mage and then his real work began. 

He chose the dishes which, by the way, were all Bella’s favorite; collected the best of ingredients and even hand-picked the flowers for the center of the table, he knew Bella loved Daisy’s and White Roses. He also decorated the living room with the evergreen Holly and sunflowers which added vibrant colors to the snowy winter day. At last he cooked the dinner, it wasn’t a magnificent feast but a simple heart-warming meal prepared with all his pure love and out of sheer joy.

And then, he waited for his wife’s return.

Hi lovelies! So, today’s count is 446 words. Please, bear with all the mistakes (grammatical/typos), if any, I did the best I could. And I would love to know your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “H-Holly (26 X 26)”

    1. Hahahaa! ominous “bum-baaa-BUUUUUM!”
      pretty much, yeah!

      Call it vanity, pride, ignorance or just love. He wanted the satisfaction of presenting her the most special gift and he wanted the pride associated with the gesture and the social respect with came with it among other frivolous details. And it is not that he did all this for these things only, he did it for love but he was human after all with all his short comings.

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