I-Ice Skates (26 X 26)

The Red Love – III— continued from H-Holly (26 X 26)

He didn’t have to wait long before Bella graced him with a soft kiss on his parted lips and with just that his entire day’s tiredness vanished into the thin air. When he finally let her go, it took her a minute to regain her senses and another minute to register the decorations. To say that she was surprised was the understatement of the season. A tear slid down her supple cheeks and upon seeing this he held her, engulfing her into his loving embrace.

The lovely couple sat at the table with nothing but gratitude in their eyes and love in their hearts for each other. This was the moment which Sir Alan had been waiting for; he was so excited that he could feel thousands of butterflies fluttering in his belly.

He waited for Bella to taste everything and as anxious as he was, he hardly could eat. He watched her carefully with excitement as she ate, bite after bite and morsel after morsel. But after a while, his excitement turned into surprise and surprise turned into shock when she finished everything that he had laid out on the table. Every last thing. Not that he wasn’t happy about it but just shocked at her appetite.

Bella was in shock herself; she hadn’t eaten this much in her entire life. Tonight when she took a bite, all she could think about was food in front of her, a deep frenzy rumbled inside her telling her to devour every single grain prepared by him. She was confused and embarrassed at her beastly behavior but said nothing.

Sir Alan could see her turn slightly pink at the situation, he being a gentleman understood her embarrassment and suggested that they finish their perfect evening with skating. She fell more in love with him at his thoughtfulness and quickly went and brought ice-skates.

The newly married couple danced underneath the night sky, the moon was their lamp and stars were the fireflies, dancing with them to keep them company and glowing continuously to ward off the shadows of the night.

With their heart-beats in perfect sync, and immersed in each other’s eyes; they danced all night. Nothing was said but everything was understood. And only when the sky overhead turned pink and the snow gleamed like melted silver on the ground they stopped with a passionate kiss.

If only they knew what was about to come.

Word count- 405. Please, bear with all the mistakes (grammatical/typos), if any, I did the best I could. And I would love to know your thoughts.

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