He sells masks (No, not the COVID kind) on his wooden cart by the river. People from all walks of mind come to buy them now and then. They say he wears one himself, I can’t tell.

Yesterday, I saw my father getting one. Now, I want one too. Vendor asks me to come back after a couple of years as they don’t come in kid sizes or so he tells me. But I get one anyways. I try it on, it is slightly big for me, the fit is loose but I like the way it makes me feel- empowered and grown up.

At first, it slips a bit embarrassing the daylights out of me but slowly, I get the hang of it. Now, the fake stories and the half-truths come naturally. It is like I’ve my own superpower. I love it.

Next time, I’ll get the angry one, it will fit me in a couple of years; vendor said it provides better protection.

With every passing year, do we buy more “masks” and loose a bit of more of our innocence? A penny for your thoughts, please! Until next time, take care.

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