Me & you…

I would’ve asked ‘How are you?’, if I had any reason to believe that you might be reading this at all.

No, wait! I wasn’t trying to pin it on you. I know I have been gone for far too long.

Okay okay! I know, you’re 100% correct. I should’ve woken up sometime even just to say ‘Hello’. But you know, once you stop for a week then it becomes two, and suddenly a month has gone by, and then you are shit-scared to even think about going down that road, no matter how much you crave it in your bones.

Yes, I know it is a lame excuse. I won’t try something else, I don’t have anything else.

So, are you here?…reading this?

Just say ‘hello’. Yes, in your own personal style.

I’ll wait for it. You know this, right?

29 thoughts on “Me & you…”

              1. Exactly! If you go to my blog, you’ll see I post once a month, or twice sometimes. I have made a compulsion for myself, because I know if I stop once, it will be kind of permanent.

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                    1. Yes, it does. Doesn’t life keep everyone busy these days?
                      I’ll definitely try to.
                      And yes, life’s been good I shouldn’t complain, apart from some minor ups and downs. Currently, I am trying to deal with some medical issues, nothing major, just some deficiencies but they sure keep me tired more than usual.
                      What about you? Life treating you good?

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                    2. Indeed it does!
                      Ups and downs are part of life. Do take care of yourself. Being healthy is very important.
                      Life is good. A lot of big changes recently. Trying to adjust to it.

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                    3. I am doing just that taking care of myself (trying at least).
                      That is good to know πŸ™‚ And I can understand completely about adjusting to BIG changes. It will take its due time.
                      You also take care.

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