Creativity & Gossip

Greetings, old friend! How is the new year treating you so far?

Yes, I am talking to you. Now, don’t feel shy. Did you honestly think that I wouldn’t notice the insane amount of creativity that you have up your sleeves?

See, so you know what I am talking about.

I wanted to tell you about the new online place called ‘FICTIONARY‘. It claims to be all about stories. … Now, wait! Don’t jump to conclusions without listening to all it says.

Yes, so FICTIONARY welcomes stories in every form/shape/size. Meaning no need to stick to the traditional boxes and rules. You can do what your creative heart feels i.e. you can tell a story through your well-crafted words or a picture you clicked or an artwork you created or a ballad you wrote and all of it doesn’t need to be of a fixed size or form. Sounds tempting, right? I thought so too.

Truly, nothing is too much or less or wrong when submitting to FICTIONARY. They are super inclusive of all the unheard voices. If you have the creative bug, then they are a perfect fit for you.

Yes, that’s what I wanted to tell you since you are so full of creative juice. I wanted you to know where the most supportive artistic community is.

And I hear they are accepting submissions now!

You can send your work (original & unpublished) via email: Also, this the link in case you wanted first-hand information.

Now, to the juicy gossip of this year… did you hear that the blog Bulbul’s Bubble is gone?

Yes! I was shocked to hear it too. She deleted everything one night, out of the blue… just like that!

Oh yes! That’s why she was AWOL for the past two months. And I hear that she has renovated her blog into BOOKISH BUBBLE, and she reviews books now. She has huge hopes for it. See, check it out now for yourself. Here.

Do you see any promise?

Yes, fiction. Obviously. Ever heard her talk about anything else? She also interviews authors now, I hear.

Yes, how the people suddenly blow out of nowhere nowadays. So, now you can send her your book if you publish anything. She is alright from what I have seen. You can definitely give her a try.

Yeah, this was all for now. Talk to you later, with more gossip.

See ya.. bye!


10 responses to “Creativity & Gossip”

    • Actually, it’s a long story. For quite some time, I was thinking of doing something else with this blog as it had become stagnant for me and wasn’t giving me the satisfaction I needed. So, I decided to delete everything one day and start something new from scratch. I hope this pans out as planned. Thank you for the visit.


    • Oh! Thank you. Happy to hear that.
      You’d be surprised to know that first I came up with that name and then later on decided to make it a thing. There wasn’t any previous thought about the e-zine before that name. Funny how things work out.


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