Orange Crush

She is off limits, Nandini reminded herself again for the 74th time in the last…9 minutes as she flipped her hand to check the time.

Yes, she was counting.

And yes, it was that bad.

She had an orange rubber band across her brown wrist which had turned a deep shade of red from all the snapping that she was doing with every reminder. 

She checked the time again and there was still half an hour before she could dare to move or breathe again.

Yesterday, sharing a seat with her for one hour everyday had seemed like the best thing that could have happened to her. But now, she wasn’t too sure. She was quickly realizing that the close proximity that a two-seater bench provided wasn’t something that she was equipped to handle.

Instead of getting acclimated to the situation with time she grew more tense by each eternity long second. She was sure that Shreya could hear the pulsating vein of her right temple by now.

The rubber band that she was working vigorously for the last 45 minutes caved in under the pressure and flew over to Shreya’s side of the table.

Nandini saw her from the corner of her eyes. Shreya eyed the tattered remains, briefly confused then she moved on with the lecture.

She was mortified beyond life itself and wished for the earth to swallow her up, immediately. Only if wishes were granted that easily.

Livid, she looked at the cause of her humiliation lying shamelessly on the table, mocking her. If looks could kill that rubber band must have caught fire by now.

Before, she could try to hurl herself physically at that abominable thing, the bell rang. Shreya strutted hurriedly outside to meet her eagerly waiting boyfriend.

written by Akanksha Roy

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Until then…

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