Book Review: It Ends With Us

AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover


GENRE: Contemporary · Fiction · Romance · Young Adult 


Rating: 3 out of 5.

It Ends with Us’ is a romance novel with a deeply heart wrenching story of Lily Bloom, our protagonist. The book starts on an apartment building’s rooftop in Boston where Lily is hiding after attending the funeral of her abusive father.

Things get interesting when she is joined by an extremely angry stranger. This stranger, Ryle Kincaid, is as beautiful as they come and on top of that, he is a neurosurgeon. Conversations fly and their instant chemistry is hard to ignore but Ryle doesn’t do relationships. So, it ends there.

Lily opens up her own flower shop, her dream project and as destiny would have it, they meet again and this time things have no intention of ending so soon. The book slowly changes its pace when Atlas, Lily’s ex, returns bringing forth Ryle’s anger issues.

This book deals heavily with physical abuse in the households making it an emotional read.

Collen Hoover delivers a deeply personal story with a strong message. I finished the book in only two sittings (majority of it being through the night) meaning it got me invested enough to care about the characters. The book’s writing style is easy to understand, it reads effortlessly, and is reasonably paced.

It Ends with Us manages to talk about an extremely difficult and triggering subject in a most palatable way possible without sugar-coating anything. While I started reading it expecting a toe-curling romance, it delivered something else which was entirely different. It had me smiling through my tears by the end.

I picked up this book mainly because of the huge following it has and I would say that it didn’t really live up to the huge expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I completely get why it worked, but strictly from the writing point of view it turned out to be just okay for me.

The insane attraction/instant love trope is something I don’t find real at all. As a result, Lily’s and Ryle’s (extremely) fast paced romance then marriage got a little hard to swallow and felt forced. They hardly knew each other to get married!

Another issue was the letters to Ellen, although they didn’t hurt the book’s readability for me, but I could see past through them to witness the huge information dump that was going on with every letter. They felt like an easy tool to tell more and show less.

Also, all the characters’ hugely difficult and disturbing pasts are not done the justice, in my opinion. They are brazenly rushed and dumped as a piece of information. I feel that if the author had given things the time to organically grow between the protagonists with more detailing, then it would have been a better read with more impact.

I would give this one a three out of five stars as even with some writing flaws, it was a heartfelt read for me.

I would recommend this book to you if you like romance/drama/heartfelt stories.

DISCLAIMER: This review is my humble honest opinion. I DO NOT claim to have any authority/intention to add/delete any value of the book or of the author. I wish nothing but success to the author.

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