Writer|Nature lover

Fiction Editor of the magazine The Finest Example.


Hi! I write using my pen name – ‘Bulbul‘, although many also know me as Akanksha Singh.

I live in India and want to establish myself as a published author. This blog is my journey to realize my dream!

I write to unlearn what I know and to learn what I don’t, as stories tell us the best & the worst experiences of life.

All throughout my life, my love for stories has been a singular constant – a pole star. Reading, therefore, has shaped the better part of my life making me extremely curious, compelling me to look for stories everywhere. Thus, now, I tell stories in all shapes and form. Some are mine, some can be yours and remaining are just pure fiction!

Apart from reading & writing, I enjoy exploring nature and you can, most probably, bribe me with good food! To know me more, read my work because I believe that writings reveal a lot and by reading a writer’s work, a reader can get a glimpse of her soul.

This blog is dedicated to all of its readers!

With this blog, I discovered my love for storytelling and wonderful readers, like you, have enabled me to strengthen my skills for which I will forever be grateful.

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