Akanksha Roy

Founder of Bookish Bubble

About me

Namaste from India! Were you wondering about me? To quench some of your curiosity…

I am a voracious reader, a struggling writer, a newbie blogger, and an amateur content creator, exploring stories from all over the world.

Currently, writing and editing Bookish Bubble, I have previously edited fiction at The Finest Example and Bulbul’s Bubble. So, you might also know me as Bulbul.

Although, I hold a Master’s in Life Sciences, but I have always been passionate about stories and writing. Someday, I want to author a novel. Other then books, I love food, and nature.

Expect delicious reads, book reviews, and an occasional writing challenge! I hope you enjoy this blog.

For your reference, this is the face behind everything.

Get in touch

Akanksha is always available for side collaborations and projects worldwide. If you want to chat about books, food, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Published writing

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