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Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 4

Hey fellas! So, I am having way too much fun with these super-tiny tales and I hope that you guys are enjoying it too. The response is just overwhelmingly wonderful and for that I have to thank each one of you for all your support. Last week’s prompt was – Quarantine. If you haven’t had a… Continue reading Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 4

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Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 3

Hey fellas! How is it hanging? I am telling you, these Tuesdays sneak up earlier than expected. But that's the part of the fun. I am overwhelmed by the love and support that Twenty-Words Tuesday has received and that's only because of your support and encouragement. Thank You! Last week’s prompt was – Slow motion. If… Continue reading Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 3

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Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 2

Hey all! It is Tuesday already, the previous week did pass in a jiffy. I am very thankful to everyone for receiving Twenty-Word Tuesday so wonderfully and giving it all the love and support that I could have only wished for. Last week's prompt was - Dreams. If you haven't had a chance to read… Continue reading Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 2

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Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 1

Writing short and word-limited pieces for a prompt always helps to get over the writer's block and it gives a momentary (and much needed) escape to your mind to let those creative juices flowing, freely. Also, writing 20-words doesn't take much time so you can always go back to your work with a refreshed mind.… Continue reading Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 1

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Submission avenues for writers & poets for July’2020

Hi peeps! The submission resources for July'2020 for writers and poets are in. Get ready to submit. As requested, I have also included a lead for all those who write in Hindi. I'll try to include more in the subsequent months. Please read the detailed submission guidelines for every magazine/journal before submitting your work. Setu… Continue reading Submission avenues for writers & poets for July’2020

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Submissions leads for writers & poets for June’2020

To all the writers and poets, I urge you not to stop writing and voicing your thoughts. Instead of focusing on the negativity, write your heart out and try to get it published! I am listing down few submission leads for the month of June’2020. While I will list all the necessary basic details, I… Continue reading Submissions leads for writers & poets for June’2020