Publication Policy & Copyright

Please read all the guidelines and notices below. Once published and/or having notified Bookish Bubble of your approval to go ahead with publishing, the author/poet cannot withdraw/modify their submission

We do not consider previously published pieces and are also not able to give feedback or provide comments on rejected pieces. Due to our voluntary working model, and a zero-income structure, we are unable to pay writers at this moment.

(1) The Author agrees not to publish or permit others to publish the Work in any form prior to its publication in Bookish Bubble or for a period of 3 months after the publication in Bookish Bubble.

(2) Copyright reverts to author three months after publication. In case you submit a piece accepted by us elsewhere after these three months, you are required to mention that it was first published in Bookish Bubble.

(3) For art, photographs, illustrations that have been sent to Bookish Bubble and accepted to be made into a cover or used as illustrations for work of authors Bookish Bubble publishes, the copyright of the modified cover using your work, or any illustration made for us, stays with Bookish Bubble.

(4) The Author further grants the Publisher the right to non-exclusively archive the Work online as long as the Publisher maintains the Bookish Bubble website.

(5) The Author grants to the Publisher the nonexclusive, worldwide English-language right to republish the Work or cause the Work to be republished in any future book or anthology.

(6) The Author grants Publisher the right to use the Author’s name, image (if given), likeness, and
biographical material for all advertising, promotion and other marketing of the Work.

(7) The Author warrants that he or she is the sole author of the Work; that he or she is the owner of all the rights granted to the Publisher here under and has full power to enter into this agreement and to make the grants herein contained; that the Work is original and any prior publication of the Work in whole or in part has been fully disclosed to the Publisher; that the Work does not violate the right of privacy of any person; that, to the Author’s knowledge, it is not libelous or obscene and contains no matter which is libelous, in violation of any right of privacy, harmful to the user or any third party so as to subject the Publisher to liability or otherwise contrary to law; and that it does not infringe upon any copyright or upon any other proprietary or personal right of any person, firm or corporation.

(8) The Publisher reserves the right to make minor copy-editing changes to conform the style of the text to its customary form and usage.

(9) If we find plagiarized content, we will have no option but to blacklist the writer, post publicly on our website and social media, and possibly notify other magazines/journals.

(10) Bookish Bubble has the right to make changes to publication policy, submission guidelines and copyright information at any time, solely at the discretion of the editors.

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