The Blue Blanket

He paced restlessly outside his home, which was nothing but just one room, waiting impatiently for the news of the arrival of his first child. The streets were deserted at this hour of the night and the only occasional sounds were the distant horns of the freight trucks on the nearby Delhi- Agra highway. People…

The Blue Blanket-Akanksha Singh — Brother’s Campfire

Very recently, I had the opportunity to write a short story for the very amazing blog of Benjamin – Brother’s Campfire. When I asked him, he agreed immediately and was extremely kind and generous to let me write for his blog. Brother’s Campfire is known for its enticing ongoing tales and I would encourage you to Gather ’round and hear a tale…

All your thoughts about The Blue Blanket are most welcome and don’t forget to participate in this week’s Twenty Words Tuesday; try writing 20-word tale, I hear it is fun! Also, I would love to know if you are interested in a Book Club? I might start one, we can read a book every month together.

Cheers, until next time 🙏🤗

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Washed Blood

What happens when you stop recognizing the person who was born into your hands, whom you have known your entire life? What happens when every step in his direction puts another set of hundred miles in between, distancing you even further than you already were? How do you keep your heart in one piece when all his looks cuts even deeper than his words? Do you ever stop wondering about what changed it all? Was it something you did or was it just fate diverging you in different directions, probably, never to reconcile again?

Do you ever get used to it?

Photo by Matheus Viana from Pexels