5 Tools to Make Your Writing Shine


Good writing is an art and even more so creative writing. It, like most creative arts, cannot be ‘taught’. There simply do not exist a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ book which can make anyone a writer or should I say – a good writer.

Good writing skills are simply something that either you have, or you don’t. But of course, this does not mean at all that they don’t need polishing.

Like every craft, writing also needs to be sharpened, honed and more importantly, practiced; especially when we live in world where numerous AI bots can produce blog posts in mere seconds.

Even if you are writing a simple blog post or a full-length novel or an article, a good writer needs to have these 5 tools handy every time she sits down to write.


If I get to decide, then this would the single most important quality that a writer should have. It is the distinguishing factor between greatness and mediocrity. To be able to say exactly what you want requires – a clarity of thought. So, when you write make sure that it is crystal clear!


This is another such tool. Every word you write is power. Do not do the mistake of wasting them! Take them seriously and respect them enough to use them correctly. Having a dictionary or a thesaurus at hand helps.


Avoid overwriting. Yes, avoid it like the plague it is! The days of ornate proses, pompous languages are long gone. Make your sentences as simple as possible. Your aim is not show off your vocabulary, but to make even a layman understand and appreciate your story.

Length Matters

No matter what the world is saying these days, folks, I hate to tell you that it most certainly does (*wink, yes pun intended). After deciding what to write, next important question is how much to write. Don’t turn a short story into a novella or a novel into a short story. Otherwise, it will only end in disaster.

Make it sexy!

No, it doesn’t mean what you’re thinking (get your minds out from gutters). I am talking about leaving something to the readers’ imagination (I am sure all the ladies here get it). Revealing every single last detail on the page is not glamorous at all, like spoon-feeding. Just serve them good food, and surely, they will eat by themselves.

Therefore, to make your writing stand out from the rest, keep in mind to:

  • Make sure that it is crystal clear.
  • Do not waste words.
  • Make your sentences as simple as possible.
  • Know how much to write.
  • Leave something to the readers’ imagination.

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